Alan Faustino - Fishing Factoids - Northern Pike

Alan Faustino is a professional doctor of internal medicine who likes to unwind by going on a fishing adventure. One of the most iconic and interesting fish out there is the northern pike. This strictly carnivorous fish is the lion of the undersea world, top of the food chain. The northern pike is native to the Northern Hemisphere, and is known to live in freshwater. As a northern pike grows, their food source gets bigger too. Pike feed exclusively on other fish, starting small during their youth and working their way up the older and bigger that they get. The northern pike is also distinctly different from other fish because it tends not to school, preferring to hunt alone. Occasionally however, they will school during cold winter months.

Alan Faustino
Northern pike typically inhabit large bodies of water or slow-moving streams. They prefer cold and clear water because it makes it easier for them to hunt. The northern pike is an ambush predator that counts on catching its prey off guard in order to feed. A northern pike has been known to lie completely still for long periods of time until the right moment to strike. They are incredibly patient hunters that have a powerful burst speed, making them fatal for any fish unfortunate enough to wander close to it. It should also be noted that removing a hook from a northern pike should be done with care, as they have very sharp teeth and muscular jaws.

Alan Faustino is a man who enjoys going fishing in order to relax and occasionally for sport too.

Alan Faustino - Excellent Physician

Alan Faustino has built a long and successful career as an excellent internal medicine specialist, or physician, in New Jersey. He took a long and winding path to become a physician. He started as a biology major at Radford University in Virginia. On a study trip to the Bahamas, Faustino was involved in a serious automobile accident that cost three people their lives. Watching those three people die after the accident caused an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that Faustino never wanted to feel again. He decided then that he wanted to become a doctor so that he could save lives.

Alan Faustino

Aspiring doctors need a minimum of eight years of schooling before they can begin their residencies, which typically last one or two years. A bachelor’s degree is required for anyone who wants to apply for medical school, as is a good score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Many students choose to study premedical studies at the undergraduate level before they move on medical school to prepare them for the rigors of continuing education. After medical school, medical students have to complete a residency in which they work alongside veteran doctors in a hospital setting on a normal caseload of patients. Participating in these residencies can involve stiff competition, as young doctors jostle each other for the most advantageous residencies for their careers.

Alan Faustino completed his residency and additional training at several hospitals in the Northeast. He worked at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, the Bayside Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia.

Alan Faustino - Internal Medicine Specialist

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist in New Jersey. For years, he used to work with traveling celebrities and performers who came to Atlantic City and needed medical attention. He has been known as the Rock Doc for all of his work with rock stars and other performers.

Alan Faustino

Internal medicine is a broad medical specialty primarily dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in adults. These physicians are skilled in dealing with undifferentiated and multi-system diseases, working mostly in hospitals on complex cases. Many internal medicine patients are seriously ill and require long-term care, so most physicians work in hospitals, administering care to patients with often serious conditions or diseases. Physicians can also work in clinics or both clinics and hospitals although time constraints usually force internal medicine specialists to choose one setting or another. While internal medicine specialists treat a wide range of maladies, they are not to be confused with family physicians, general practitioners, or family practitioners. General practitioners treat a wide range of conditions and diseases, too, but their work is not solely confined to adults, as an internist’s is, and their work may also include surgery, obstetrics, and more.

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist who wants to one day run his own medical company that helps doctors with tracking their patients with electronic medical records and IT solutions for medical facilities throughout the United States and beyond. His years of experience working with patients has given him a unique perspective on the usefulness and importance of easy access and transfer of medical records.

 Alan Faustino - Inspired to Become a Doctor

Alan Faustino was born in Houston, Texas to a Hispanic family. At home and at school, Faustino spoke two languages despite the discrimination he often faced in the public world. Today, working as an internal medicine specialist in New Jersey, his bilingual skills come in handy when treating and communicating with patients of all ethnicities. Faustino moved around frequently growing up. He has lived in Brookline, New York, Pottsdam, New York, Des Moines, Phoenix, Suffolk, Virginia and Radford, Virginia. Faustino attended Radford High School, where he played soccer and excelled at his classes. Faustino took his initial scholastic success to Radford University, where he majored in Biology.

Faustino traveled to the Bahamas as a part of his Biology major to study the tropical fish, birds, and other life forms in the teaming, lush rainforest. Faustino learned many things during his trip to the Bahamas, then tragedy struck. Faustino and his friends were traveling by car at night when another car struck them. Faustino was a passenger in his friend’s car and was injured. However, three others involved in the crash died waiting for help and at the hospital. The traumatizing and tragic event spoke to Faustino, telling him to become a doctor so that he could never feel so helpless ever again. Faustino returned from the Bahamas deeply shaken. But he had a new direction in his life that he knew he had to follow. He enrolled in Eastern Virginia Medical School and began his medical career from there.

Alan Faustino
Many doctors start their medical careers in similar ways to Faustino. Sometimes the urge to save and help others isn’t made clear until they’re in a situation in which lives are at stake. Alan Faustino’s traumatic experience helped set the stage for his professional career, and while many doctors knew they wanted to go to medical school from a young age, others find themselves struck by sudden inspiration like Faustino.

Alan Faustino graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School and trained the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia before finishing his internal medicine training at the University of Pennsylvania hospital—the first hospital in the United States, founded by Ben Franklin. Faustino has had a long and successful career since. He has worked in New Jersey for many years, and for a while was known as the Rock Doc. He helped celebrities and performers who traveled to Atlantic City for years when they needed medical attention.

Alan Faustino - Fishing Facts - Catfish

Alan Faustino is a professional doctor of internal medicine that also has a passion for fishing that is second to none. He is among the many fisherman who is looking to improve their game and catch bigger fish faster. If you too are one of these people, one of the most important things that you can to get better is to learn about the many different behaviors and patterns of specific species. One popular species with unique behavior is the catfish.

A catfish is an easy fish to identify, as it has big whisker-like barbels sprouting out all around its mouth. Catfish are popular because they are known to get massive, up to 600 pounds for a Mekong giant catfish. Catfish are also found on every single continent with the exception of Antarctica, making them very abundant.

Alan Faustino

Catfish are characteristically slimy, and are bottom feeders because they do not have any teeth. Instead of chewing their prey, catfish simply gulp it up. Catfish are very sought after in the fishing community because of their size and how plentiful they are. Catfish are a main food staple in many places, especially Asia, where fish consumption is very prominent. Though there has never been any documented proof of a catfish killing a human, there are many people who believe that it is possible for some of the larger breeds. Some species even have stingers in their fins that can do serious damage if they are handled improperly.

Alan Faustino is a fishing fan and enthusiast that has been fishing ever since he was a child.

Alan Faustino - Fishing Tips - All About the Bass

Alan Faustino is a doctor of internal medicine who enjoys going out and fishing in various places when he isn’t at work. He is among the many people who want to improve their fishing strategy and technique to become a better fisherman. If this is something that you too want to achieve, you have to focus on the kind of fish you wish to hunt first. Since bass fish are among the most popular and sought after, this article will focus on tips and tricks to catch the biggest and largest volume of bass. To do this, you will need to learn about the habits of a bass and their tendencies, this will give you an edge over other fisherman who did not do their research.

Alan Faustino

Bass have certain habits and patterns that when recognized, can mean a big payoff for the patient fisherman. The kind of weather for instance is a good indicator of where bass may be hanging out in the water. When the sun is bright and high in the sky, a bass will likely look for shelter. When it is cloudy or there is little sun, they tend to venture further out. This means that on a cloudy day, it might be better to fish in clear and open water, while on a sunny day, you may want to look for murkier places with seaweed and other areas where a fish might seek shelter from other dangers.

Alan Faustino is a man who enjoys fishing with friends and family when he gets the chance. 

Alan Faustino-Hospice Care - Africa

Alan Faustino is a Hispanic doctor of internal medicine that worked for many years providing hospice care for patients. The hospice has an ancient history in society, but is actually a more modern invention, one that has developed all the way back to the 11th century to become what it is today. Because of the relatively recent development of hospice care, it has developed differently in countries across the world.

Alan Faustino

In Africa for instance, they did not experience a hospice movement for many years. It began in the 80s, when the first hospice would be opened in Harare, Zimbabwe. Though the medical community of the area was skeptical, the movement would take hold and in 87, the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa was formed. By the 90s, Nairobi Hospice opened in Kenya. By 06, South Africa joined 34 other countries that offered integrated palliative care.

South Africa has become a beacon of hope for the hospice community, offering widespread services that focus on many needs, extending to orphans and the homeless. This even includes a daycare, in-patient care, and at home care. More than half of the hospice patients in South Africa are diagnosed with AIDS, while many others have varying forms of cancer. This has led to a greater need for hospice and generally increased the development of them in the area. Much of the hospice care is supported by funding for AIDS relief plans.

Alan Faustino is a professional hospice doctor that has seen the discipline grow over the years.

Tips to Becoming a Good Guitar Player

Learning to play the guitar can be relatively simple. If you are planning on learning how to play the guitar, you can sign up for guitar classes, or you might want to take one of the online classes. Learning to play the guitar online has become quite popular and is much easier as you can practice at your pace. Here are some tips you can use.

Alan Faustino


One word you will hear a lot when you start learning to play the guitar is, “practice.” You will need to practice every day and keep working at it till you get the chords and techniques right. How long should you practice? Well, there is no set time limit for how long you should practice, but an average of one hour a day would do you good. The time you spend practicing will help you develop finger memory, something you will need if you want to be a good guitarist.


Learning the guitar requires motivation. When you first start playing, you may sound terrible, but don’t let that stop you from moving ahead. The other thing you will have to deal with is sore fingertips. However, the pain will disappear, and your playing will improve after practicing for a couple of days. To stay motivated, set short-term goals and work with accomplishing it. Find a guitar buddy and practice together, this will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Pay Attention to the Basics

Do not skip learning the basics, and pay attention that you learn it the right way. One of the hardest things to do is try and unlearn basics you may have learned through the wrong method. Get a guitar teacher to help you learn the chords, or take an online course.

Alan Faustino played the guitar, and was part of a rock band before taking up medicine.

Alan Faustino - History of the Hospice

Alan Faustino is a medical professional that spent a considerable amount of his career working in hospice care. Hospice work is a particular branch of medicine that has a unique and interesting history. The word hospice actually comes from the base Latin word, hospes, a word that would refer to both a host, and a guest. Some historians agree that the first hospice originated during the 11th century. The hospice became popular due to the Crusades, as many of the permanently ill population needed places to be treated. By the 14th century, an order named the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem would be among one of the first official hospice opened specifically for taking in travelers and those who were deathly ill.

Alan Faustino

In the Middle Ages the popularity of hospices increased substantially, though they would eventually fall off in popularity due to many of the religious orders that funded and ran the hospices, disbursed. Another rise in usage of the hospice would occur in the 17th century in France where the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul opened. France would continue to make several leaps and bounds in the field and found other institutions such as the L’Association des Dames du Calvaire. This institution was founded by Jeanne Garnier in the mid-1800s. This would open the door for many other hospices, setting an example that would see six other established hospices before the turn of the 19th century.

Alan Faustino is a doctor of internal medicine who finds the history of the hospice interesting.

Freshwater Fishing Tips for Beginners

Freshwater fishing is when you go fishing in a body of water that has than 0.05 percent of salinity. Ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, both natural and man-made can be classified as freshwater bodies. Freshwater and saltwater fishing are not the same, the techniques and the fish caught are different. Here are a couple of tips you can use to go freshwater fishing.

Alan Faustino

Use a Map

If you are planning a freshwater fishing trip with your friends, you might want to get a topographical map of the area you are going to fish at. The map will give you an idea of the depth of the lake or pond, and also show you any submerged man-made fish cribs.

Slip Bobber

The "slip bobber" is a bobber with a hole that allows you to tie a knot and stopper above the bobber. Using a slip bobber for freshwater fishing is recommended. The knot allows you to determine where you want the bobber to stop and allows you to set any depth you like without sacrificing casting quality.

Live Bait

While you can use artificial baits, live baits are better. The best live baits you can use for freshwater fishing are minnows, worms, wax worms and crayfish. You will need to use different live bait for the species of fish you are catching.

Wash Your Hands

It is important to wash your hands when you are fishing in freshwater. Fish have a very good sense of smell and can detect any foreign scent on your lures and bait as you handle them.

Watch the Temperature

Freshwater fish prefer specific weather and water temperature. A good idea would be to research about specific species of fish online and figure out the best time to go fishing.
Alan Faustino was featured in a Tidewater Virginia fishing show for catching over 60 freshwater fish in one afternoon.

Is Your Medical School Application Late?

If you want to have a good chance of getting into your preferred medical school, you will need to ensure your application is sent in early. If you have not yet submitted your application forms, you will need to know the implications of submitting it late. 

Alan Faustino

Will it Hurt Your Chances?

Several medical schools operate on a rolling admission process, with around 44 percent of applicants receiving their acceptance letter. Schools that use the rolling admission system can choose to accept an application on the first day of admission season or even after two months. However, by the month of August, most schools have already decided which applications have been chosen. Since medical schools interview only a select number of applications, your late application could be automatically rejected if there are no more interview spots remaining. 

What You Should do if Your Application is Late?

The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) starts the application process in May and sends applications to schools by the beginning of June. Though the deadline to submit application forms is in October, some schools can extend up to December. The AMCAS has to verify applications before transmitting it, so the wait in May is the shortest. If you wait until June to then, you will have to wait longer. If you submit your application in September, it could be too late. In which case, it would be better to wait and apply the following year. 

Alan Faustino is a well-known doctor and entrepreneur, having founded two companies.

 Four Tips to Choosing the Right Medical School

Choosing the right medical school can be quite an overwhelming process. Each student has their idea of which medical school they want to attend; however, getting admission into the medical school of their dreams might not be as easy as many students think. There are a few important things you will need to consider when looking for the right medical school.

Alan Faustino

Medical school is going to take four years of your life, so you will need to take into consideration two important factors; finance and personal reasons in deciding where you want to study. If you are planning to travel to another state, you will need to see if you have the means to pay for your education. Sometimes applying to medical schools in your home state could be advantageous as medicals schools prefer state residents.

Number of Schools to Apply

How many medical schools should you be applying to? That is something you will need to decide because it costs money to apply to several schools. Depending on your geographic restrictions, you might want to apply to around 13 schools or so. If you apply to more than 20 schools, you will drain your money and time, and possibly compromise your chances of preparing quality application material.

MCAT and GPA Scores

Have a look at your MCAT and GPA scores and compare it with the accepted student’s profiles at schools you plan to apply. Many medical schools have this information on their websites to inform potential applicants about required MCAT and GPA scores.

School Tiers

It is recommended to apply to a couple of schools in a tier where your numbers fall in the average applicant’s profile. You can apply to a couple of schools where a higher average in required, and to schools where your scores are above the required average.

Alan Faustino studied at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Alan Faustino: Radford’s Latest Development

Alan Faustino is especially proud of his alma mater’s rapid development within the past decade. Below is a description of some of that development, as featured on Radford University’s official website:

“In the spring of 2010, Radford University broke ground on a new multi-million dollar, 110,000-square-foot facility that is now home to the College of Business and Economics (COBE). The project features state-of-the-art classrooms, conference rooms and gathering spaces.

It also features the latest educational technology and financial research capabilities, including a trading room that simulates an actual financial operations center. As part of the university’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the new building was constructed with the goal of achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation.

Radford University has always been committed to educating the whole student, both inside and outside of the classroom. To that end, 110,000-square-foot recreation and wellness center opened in 2014. The facility provides students with recreational, wellness and exercise therapies. 

By the fall of 2015, plans are in the works to have completed a multi-level, 115,000-square-foot facility to serve as the home of the Center for the Sciences. The building will house laboratory, research and classroom spaces with energy-efficient features.

In summer 2014, the university broke ground on a new academic home for the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. The building will be the largest academic building on campus and will provide state-of-the-art academic space consisting of classrooms, offices, laboratories and student/faculty collaborative space.”

Alan Faustino

Alan Faustino: Radford’s Location

Alan Faustino attended Radford University for his undergraduate degree. Once a women-only institution, Radford has experienced exponential growth since opening its doors to male students back in 1972. Below is an excerpt from the school’s website that describes the school’s location, which is in a geographically stunning area:

“Radford University is located in the city of Radford (population 15,859), 36 miles southwest of Roanoke, Va., on Route 11 and I-81 in the New River Valley, close to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

The university atmosphere is residential. Most students live in university residence halls or in private apartments and houses within walking distance of the campus.

The university grounds and facilities are conveniently arranged, beautifully maintained, and effectively designed to meet the academic, personal and extracurricular needs and interests of the students.

Alan Faustino

The area provides abundant recreation, including kayaking, fishing and tubing on the New River; hiking or bicycling on one of the region's dozens of trails; or simply taking in nature nearly anywhere in the area.

The City of Radford offers shopping and dining just a short walk from campus. Meanwhile, a regional mall is less than 10 miles away.”

Alan Faustino had a fulfilling term at RU, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree before going on to earn his Ph.D. at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Alan Faustino - Experience in Technology and Sales

Alan Faustino has valuable Healthcare Information Technology experience. At nextEMR, he developed a web/cloud based Electronic Medical Records Health Information Technology Company and ran its day to day operation from development to full implementation. Also, he was instrumental in developing and leading a team of 6 full time developers and received national recognition as a fully accredited CCHIT product and was one of the first in the nation with web based design between publicly held billion dollar companies to the certification.

Alan Faustino

Alan Faustino also has valuable Healthcare informatics/Software Development experience. At nextEMR, he organized a group of talented programs and developers to code, test and implement of web based EMR technology Healthcare informatics, implementation and deployment. Also for nextEMR, he organized and developed a team and call center to implement and troubleshoot as well as improve web based EMR technology through Healthcare Informatics cloud based development and testing. At nextEMR, he organized a team of experienced developers to alpha and beta test state of the art cloud based software on development cloud based servers:, C#, Azure, Basic project Development and more. He successfully recruited and retained qualified beginner to experienced and seasoned developers who understood the thought process of a physician and architect the development of web based EMR.